"What I really wanna say is, is there anyone else who can relate to my story?
Bet you feel the same way I felt when I was in the same place you are, when I was afraid to…"
— Eminem (via eminemslimarshall)


"everything you’re scared to say don’t be afraid to say no more, from this day forward, just let them a-holes talk”


911: 911, What’s your emergency?

Me: Help, the lyrics from Eminems new song ‘guts over fear’ has me worried that em will hang up the mic soon, I’m not ready for that shit yet ever

*911 and me both crying*

Eminem ft. Sia - Guts over fear. 

Singapore [By: Neo]


Appreciate everything someone does for you cause you never know when they start feeling unappreciated and stop.